Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus Indoor Cycle/Spin Bike Review


It featuring a rust-free aluminum frame, resistance braking system, light-weight, and a comfortable, ultra-adjustable design the Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus is a contender for one of the best spinning bike available on the market. This through indoor bike is found in spin cycle studios across the US and the world where it consistently proves its longevity and worth.

Schwinn-A.C.-Performance-Plus-Indoor-Cycle-Bike-ReviewThe A. C. performance plus is the part of Schwinn’s Authentic Cycling series of indoor bikes. The “A. C.” in the name of this bike stands for “Authentic Cycling” and it refers to Schwinn’s focus on creating an experience which mimics as closely as possible the feel of riding a bicycle on the real roads. By enhance the bike’s magnetic resistance with a 6-magnet brake system and the ability to micro-adjust the bike to fit the user, Schwinn is delivering on that promise.All these words are enough to say that Schwinn spinning bike is the best spin bike that is currently available on market.

Carbon Blue Belt Drive vs. Original Chain Drive

We should note here that the A.C. performance plus comes with the two different types of drive: One is Carbon Blue belt drive and a chain drive. The original chain drive works perfectly fine though some users complain some noise which is normal for the chain links catch and move through the sokes on gears. More recently and perhaps is improve this issue, Schwinn release the A.C. Performance Plus with the “Carbon Blue” belt drive.

The Carbon Blue belt is primarily polyurethane, but it also includes the core of carbon fiber tensile cords. The Softer nylon teeth the gears to create quiet and smooth indoor cycling experience. The belt’s strong fiber core and the lack of moving parts secure it long and maintenance-free life to the belt. The Carbon Blue version of the A.C.

What we love about the Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus

1.The 6-Magnet Resistance System

Just like all other indoor bikes with the magnetic resistance system, the A.C. Performance Plus offers the smooth, realistic feel of riding the road bike. It is not happy with business as usual, Schwinn raises the stakes by including the 6 magnets to all the more equitably circulate the braking force, and afterward it takes an indent by including the border weighted 37lb flywheel circle. Like the other spin bike from Star Trac and Mad Dog Athletics’, a heavy flywheel will serve to secure the feeling of road momentum.

Schwinn-A.C.-Performance-Plus-Indoor-Cycle-Reviews2.Comfort and Adjustability

The bike is very adjustable and it can accommodate the users to just about any size or weight and if you want, then you can easily replace the handlebars and saddle with your choice, but most of the people love, the ErgoLoop handlebars and find the adequate. With the help of Double Link Pedals with SPD and other various toe-clip combinations, you can wear cleats or normal workout shoes.

3.Aluminum Frame

The Aluminum frame is 30% lighter than the steel frame equivalent it makes the bike easy to pick up and move, and keeps it generally rust-free. They said. it is always a good idea to towel your bike off after the sweaty workout to keep it in the optimal condition.

Like I mentioned above the Schwinn AC Performance Plus spin bike isn’t the most affordable spin bike in the market but is worth for every penny that you pay because it comes with all the necessary features. If you are thinking to buy one and if you are serious about working out you do not want to miss out on this spin bike.

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