Eddie Hatcher

Four Tips for Being Stylish & Comfortable While Running Errands

Everyone has to run errands: going to the post office, picking up dry cleaning, grabbing some groceries, etc. Are all things that come up from time to time. Running errands is a part of life. It just so happens that often when we’re jetting out of the house to mail a package last minute or pick up a quick dinner for the kids, we don’t have time to look our best. And isn’t it just our luck that that’s when we often run into people we know! So why not have a few tricks for staying comfortable for errand running and still looking good? That’s what this article is about, so read on to learn Tips For Being Stylish & Comfortable while running errands.

Choose an Easy Hair Style

Tips For Being Stylish & Comfortable
Sure, you can make your hair curly or straight after a few hours of painstaking work, but if you’re smart, you know that choosing a style that’s easy to manage in a pinch is your best bet for looking good all the time.

Know How to “Quick Makeup

Tips For Being Stylish & Comfortable
Running out of the house to run some errands without makeup on isn’t a sin. But remember that looking good makes you feel good. It may make you make better choices at the grocery store, and it will help you to feel confident not frumpy to look presentable.

To help in this, it’s smart to know how to do a “quick makeup.” It’s easy: first, cover up major blemishes and dob some cover-up under the eyes too to brighten those peepers. Make sure your teeth are brushed, and do a quick lip and blush (light pink freshens any face). Finally, throw on a quick coat of mascara and brush those brows. A spritz of perfume will finish.

Always Have Clean Finger Nails and Toe Nails

Tips For Being Stylish & Comfortable
This one is sort of a pain, but it’s also sort of a must-do. Any time you’re in public, you should have clean finger nails and toe nails (maybe you can skip the toe nails when you have covered toe shoes on, but it’s best just to do the up-keep).

The reason for this is that people can’t avoid looking at your fingers. Think of how many times you look at other people’s hands throughout the day. You can’t hide them! Make sure you have a file and a cuticle pusher on hand at home and just clean them up while you’re watching TV or reading emails.

Invest in Your “Comfy Clothes

Tips For Being Stylish & Comfortable
Typically, we tend to think of our comfy clothes as baggy, old shirts from high school and college. Why not take the time one day (while running errands) to find some cute and comfortable options like leggings (that are roomy and don’t pinch off your waste), fitted sweatshirts (loose yet not huge) and a comfortable pair of cute shoes or flip flops. There are many footwear options such as Kuru shoes that offer a variety of comfortable options that look good, too. When trying on items in the store imagine you are going to run out of the house in them, and decide how you feel.

Doing all of these things will make it easy to run errands and look and feel comfortable. You should feel good about the way you look as well as confident to face the day any day and every day.