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How to wear Scarves

How to wear scarves:How to wear scarves-Banner

A Scarf is a piece of fabric to be worn around neck, Head and waist, to provide warmth and protect from either harsh wind or chilled weather. Also known as Muffler, Warm strangler and Neck-wrap and are used for warmth, protection or religious reasons. With trending Fashion, Scarves are considered as an accessory more than it is considered as protector.

And with the Fall Fashion trend, Scarves are very much in vogue which double duty as protection and accessory. There are variety of Textures, Colours and Fabrics to choose from and to go with different attires and apparels.   How to wear scarves-banner-2

For Winter/Fall trend, One can easily go with Woollen Scarves, Silk scarves and Fur scarves, which can be wore around head, neck and as wrap around shoulder. The different types of Scarves that are available are the Pashmina, Bandana, Muffler, Sarong, Silk and the Wrap scarves.


The Pashmina Scarves are extremely soft and warm to comfort, and is made of Cashmere Silk which from Himalayan Goat. Pashmina Scarves are preferred highly during Winters as it provide warmth and comfort. Also Pashmina Silk scarves are available which are made of Cashmere silk mixed with Silk, which is shinier and softer and creates a royal look. These Scarves are used with versatility, with wrap around and Neck wraps.


The Bandana is a type of Scarf which resembles Handkerchief and is worn to cover head or tied around neck. This looks casual and is ideal for Beach outings and Summers for Sun protection.


Sarong Scarves can be worn by both genders, can be used as wrap around, as Sarong and can be styled the way one wants.


Silk Scarves looks royal and sophisticated, they look beautiful in Bright colours and Prints. Bold and Bright prints to be wore with Plain basics like T-shirt or Denims or One coloured dress, to avoid looking over board.


The Wrap is of Shawl size but can be used as a Scarf. These are available in variety of Fabrics and Textures, prints and colours. Go for Silk in Prints for Ethnic yet chic look and Colourful.

Combining Scarves:

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Wear your Scarf with a single knot with a crisp white shirt or even Basic T-shirt. Jazz up your casual look with a touch of Grey like Nicole Richie.


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Layer up A Woollen Tunic with Coat and a Neck-wrap that matches your Calf-length boots.
It creates a co-ordination between two colours, Gwen Stefani uses it wisely Grey with Ash grey and Nude with Brown. While her Scarf has both the hues. Keep it co-ordinated to speak of your personal style.

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Pick Either This or really That, like Katie Holmes here. She teams up her Plain-Jane T-Shirt with a printed Scarf and keep it coordinated too. If you are planning to wear both Top and bottom in same colour, keep the scarf coordinated with a hint of Colour.


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Match your Scarf with any colour of your Multi-coloured Printed Dress. Keep the Coat Basic: either Black, White or Grey and add colour with your Scarf. And do not over do with different coloured Bag and Footwear, keep them grounded.


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Work with Pastel like Jessica Alba here, She dons Pastel Top and Bottom in basic and add a touch of White with her Scarf which goes well with her Denim Jacket.
And She keeps her look earthy and soft with teaming up the attire and scarf in same hue of Brown.


How to wear scarves-6Play with Aztec, Stripes and Multi-Colours like Jessica Alba, She teams these Prints and colours fashionably. Keeping her Attire Basic in Black or White and Striped.
Scarves catches Eye. She surely knows best: How to wear Scarves, Doesn’t she?


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Kylie Minogue adds a Touch of Blue to the Darkness. We love the colour co-ordination she played with. A Blue with red small, distant prints to go with Black attire and Coat, she even makes sure of her Black glasses. This surely looks Bold and Chic at once.

Play with Leopard Prints, and keep the attire plain for obvious reasons. Eva Longoria and Keira Knightley love their Leopard prints.

Add colours, Ruffles, Match and co-ordinate with your shoes, with your Eye shadow or even Blush.
Play with Colours, Prints and Textures. You have more options than ever.

Scarves indeed bring lives to plain boring attires especially Plain Basic T-shirts or Coats. Add Colour, Co-ordinate colours, Contrast and work against them. There is so much one can do with their Scarves. Wear them in more than 5 ways. Wrap up, Tie around Neck, let it loose around Shoulders.
It surely does more than protecting from the wintry weather. It is now time for your scarves to come see the light, unpack them girls.